[TxMt] opening a file readonly

Jay Soffian jay-txmt at soffian.org
Thu Jul 19 15:18:19 UTC 2007

On Jul 19, 2007, at 10:57 AM, Ian Smith-Dahl wrote:

> I use it pretty extensively when searching for the use of specific  
> variables in a huge Java codebase.    Even though I rarely make  
> edits to the code base (I'm mostly responsible for the graphic  
> skins), I haven't found any tool better than TextMate's ability to  
> dynamically create projects by opening file folders (and so to  
> specify scope specifically for one search) and then quickly  
> pinpoint lines of code using Find in Project.
> Is there a better tool for that?


Presumably the code base you're viewing is in a revision control  
system. It's generally not the editor's job to prevent you from  
making accidental edits. For that the filesystem has permissions and  
ACLs. That being said, vi/vim does have view/vim -R and I don't  
disagree that an "open read-only" mode wouldn't be useful. But it's  
probably at the absolute bottom of my feature request list. :-)


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