[TxMt] LaTeX bundle: various fixes

Robin Houston robin.houston at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 14:45:50 UTC 2007

Attached is a patch file containing the changes between the CVS
version of the Latex bundle and my version. They are as follows:

1a. Improve the parsing of %!TEX lines, so that it conforms to the
behaviour of TeXShop. Previously it was too strict about the format;
in particular it demanded a single space following the = sign, rather
than arbitrary whitespace. (Oddly, a single space before the = sign
*is* required.)

1b. Do not ignore "file not found" errors in options.rb. (Why was this done?)

2a. The second group of changes concerns the error handling in the
'Typeset & View' command. Previously, detection of errors depended on
parsing the output of the TeX command. However, it is difficult or
impossible to do this reliably, because of the variety of forms that
error messages can take. The new code also looks at the exit value of
the tex process.

2b. While working on the latexErrWarn.py script, I noticed that the
code detecting the -v (verbose) option was broken. I have fixed it;
but, to conform to existing behaviour, this option is no longer passed
to the script.

3. Allow per-file setting (in a %!TEX line) to override the global
$TM_LATEX_PROGRAM setting. For backwards compatibility reasons, an
exception is made for latexmk. There is a new option
$TM_LATEX_COMPILER which does over-ride everything; this should be the
recommended way of using frameworks like latexmk in the future.
Eventually the latexmk exception should be removed.

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