[TxMt] Latex Watch 2.5

Robin Houston robin.houston at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 14:00:20 UTC 2007

A new version of Latex Watch is available, which fixes a number of
bugs. It's available here:


Latex Watch takes a lot of the hassle out of using Latex, by quickly
updating the document preview whenever you save a change to your
source file. It saves you having to manually recompile all the time,
and it's also quite a bit faster too. See the included help file for
more details.

Changes since 2.4:

	- Delete .watcher_pid file on exit. (I think this was broken by 2.3.)
	- Fix bug introduced in 2.4 that broke TeXShop updating.
	- Use a sanitised name for the .foo.* files, because format names containing
	  spaces don't seem to work (so we would fail for filenames with spaces in).
	- Change into the working directory, rather than using the full path, to
	  avoid problems caused by special characters in the name of some ancestor
	- Quote Applescript strings, so that filenames containing special characters
	  (backslash and double quote) will not cause Applescript errors. (They do
	  still cause problems with PDFSync in Skim: see
	- Catch the obscure case where the filename ends in ".tex\n", which
	  would previously cause mysterious-looking problems.
	- Remove the 'hide extension' attribute on the .tex file, if TeXShop is
	  used as the viewer, otherwise updating will fail for interesting reasons
	  that I won't go into here.


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