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Gaby Vanhegan gaby at vanhegan.net
Wed Jul 11 13:52:05 UTC 2007

On 11 Jul 2007, at 14:27, Ale Muñoz wrote:

> I've checked your mtasc.yaml and have found the following issues  
> with it:
> - you need to change the line that reads "trace: console" to  
> "trace: xtrace"

When it was set to that, I couldn't make any data go into XTrace.  I  
changed it over as I needed to do some debugging quickly.

> - you don't need to add the path to the MTASC binary unless you are
> using a custom binary.

The path specified in the build script seemed to be wrong so I ended  
up specifying it explicitly.

> - depending on how you get your application started, you may be
> missing a "-main" parameter on your parameters line. So, it should be
> "params: -mx -keep -main". This is assuming you're using the MTASC
> default behavior of having the main() method start your app.

I took that out as it was of no use to me.  I have a whole pile of  
classes that needed building so I do them all in one file, I have no  
use for the main() loop in my application.

> Your custom build_with_mtasc.rb looks good to me. I'll test your
> modifications and see if I can include them on the bundle. Thank you
> very much : )

Glad to be of help.  I think they were just a few extra flags that  
could be set in mtasc.yaml to perform useful things.

The only other problem I had was that TextMate wouldn't preview  
the .swf file if it was the full path to the file, hence me needing  
to add the file as a url rather than just a file.  I'm not sure what  
was gong on here as I could play the .swf as a file:// in the  
browser, but not in TextMate.


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