[TxMt] GetBundle suggestions - Add "revert bundle" command

Sebastian Gräßl sebastian.graessl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 20:02:23 UTC 2007

Hi Timothy,

It would be possible to do a "Revert Bundle".
I don't understand what you mean with the merge stuff. Do you mean  
you want to keep the changes you make to a bundle or your own bundle  
synced with other machines?

Currently the development of the GetBundle has slowed down, because  
of the limited free time, but i think in one or two month there will  
be a major release, with a nice new interface using tm_dialog.

Sebastian Gräßl

On 09.07.2007, at 17:27, Timothy Bates wrote:

> Hi  there.
> GetBundle is a great helper for installing and maintaining bundles!
> A suggestion to its maintainer: would it be possible to add a  
> "revert bundle
> command"? I imagine that this could simply  throw a dialog of all  
> loaded
> bundles and then delete the delta folder.
> A really nice (but major, I imagine) would be a "merge" command  
> which took a
> bundle file on the desktop and merged its changes into an existing  
> bundle,
> on an item by item basis, prompting for conflicts.
> I would use this for managing changes where I edit my own private  
> bundles on
> several machines and wish to get them all back into sync (I never  
> figured
> out subversion well enough to do it using SVN).
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