[TxMt] Re: MultiMarkdown problem under Leopard

Fletcher T. Penney fletcher at fletcherpenney.net
Sun Dec 23 02:56:22 UTC 2007

On Dec 22, 2007, at 9:18 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 23 Dec 2007, at 03:07, Fletcher T. Penney wrote:
>> [...]
>> No - MultiMarkdown belongs in Application Support - not in the  
>> textmate bundle.  If it's in the bundle, then it's not accessible  
>> to other programs that use MultiMarkdown.
> Ah sorry, didn’t “see” that “TextMate/Bundles” was missing in that  
> path.
>> The problem here appears to be that Leopard changes the way the  
>> shell and the TextMate variables work.  I have not upgraded to  
>> Leopard yet, and welcome suggestions on how to fix the problem  
>> that Leopard users are having.
> Change it to:
>     cd "${TM_MULTIMARKDOWN_PATH:-$HOME/Library/Application Support/ 
> MultiMarkdown}"
> Then it should work for both Tiger and Leopard.

I made these changes and attached a new version - anyone using MMD  
and Leopard with TextMate can test it.  Please let me know if it  
works or not.  Thanks for the proposed fix - it works for me in Tiger  
( I can't recall why I ended up with ~ instead of $HOME.  There were  
issues with the scripts depending on how they were called, and I  
think this was a byproduct of my experimenting)

> I would suggest placing MultiMarkdown.pl in the bundle and  
> optionally use that. Then users only need to double-click install  
> the MultiMarkdown bundle to get MultiMarkdown in TM, and for many  
> users, I think that is sufficient, so for them, there is only one  
> thing to install, and for users who need to share the  
> implementation between multiple MultiMarkdown-using things, the  
> install procedure is still the same.

The problem is that for MMD to work it needs an entire folder of  
documents.  These are updated much more frequently than the TextMate  
bundle.  It doesn't make sense to keep multiple copies of the MMD  
support folder around.  I use MMD from the command line, from drag  
and drop utilities, from Scrivener, and from TextMate.  They all  
reference the same copy of the actual MMD software, so that they each  
work the same way.  This prevents a user from upgrading one copy of  
MMD, and not the others - leading to a "Why does it work when I run  
MMD from the command line, but not from within TextMate" problem...   
So MMD will stay in the user's Application Support folder where any  
program can reach it.

Thanks again, and please let me know whether the new version of the  
TextMate bundle works with Leopard so I can release a new public  


Fletcher T. Penney
fletcher at fletcherpenney.net

If you start out depressed, everything's kind of a pleasant surprise.
	- Lloyd (John Cusack) in Say Anything

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