[TxMt] Re: MultiMarkdown problem under Leopard

Fletcher T. Penney fletcher at fletcherpenney.net
Sun Dec 23 02:07:34 UTC 2007

Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 20 Dec 2007, at 20:47, Alan Curtis wrote:
> > cd "${TM_MULTIMARKDOWN_PATH:-~/Library/Application Support/
> > MultiMarkdown}"
> I think this (default path) lack “.tmbundle” and it _really_ should be
> using TM_SUPPORT_PATH instead of a hardcoded (default) path, which
> additionally means it should store multimarkdown2XHTML.pl under
> Support/bin (in the bundle).

No - MultiMarkdown belongs in Application Support - not in the  
textmate bundle.  If it's in the bundle, then it's not accessible to  
other programs that use MultiMarkdown.

The problem here appears to be that Leopard changes the way the shell  
and the TextMate variables work.  I have not upgraded to Leopard yet,  
and welcome suggestions on how to fix the problem that Leopard users  
are having.


Fletcher T. Penney
fletcher at fletcherpenney.net

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