[TxMt] Latex: Project Settinsgs, TM_LATEX_MASTER, ??? error message

Flo monkey2q at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 16:58:58 UTC 2007

my TM is no. 1.5.6 (1405)

my global settings are:
TM_LATEX_VIEWER = Skim   ( I changed, just to try it)
TM_LATEX_COMPILER = latexmk.pl

my only project settings are:
TM_LATEX_MASTER = /Users/flo/Desktop/DiplomArbeit/070627_da_draft01/ 

My Latex-Bundle:
I have taken the one shipped with TM in the first place, as I'm  
currently working in a bigger project and I don't really want to  
start messing a running system. (installing subversion) Anyway I have  
tried the GetBundle-Bundle - but couldn't see any changes. (I'm new  
to the subversion system - but I'm also still happy the way it is ;-))

PDFView vs. Skim
Yes you take notes in Skim, but as long as I work on the document,  
Notes are no good in it either. I had PDFView reserved for my  
document and Skim for all those I copy&paste from ;-)  Just my way of  
doing things.

The issue:
still the same.
I hit "Typeset & Preview" from any document, that is part of my  
project - and
-  I get the following error in the preview window:
>>>> Error locating external viewer: ‘/Users/flo/Desktop/DiplomArbeit/ 
>>>> 070627_da_draft01/da_draft01.tex’
- Hitting > "Latex > Project Management > Open Master File" it opens  
the correct file.
- IN the external viewer the pdf gets updated.

Any ideas?

On 20.08.2007, at 13:37, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> So, this error seems to indicate that you somehow have set the  
> TM_LATEX_VIEWER variable or something like that, since it looks for  
> an extrernal viewer with the name of "/Users/flo/Desktop/ 
> DiplomArbeit/070627_da_draft01/da_draft01.tex".
> What version of TM are you using (found in the About box. Mine is  
> something like: Version 1.5.6 (1414) )?
> Have you checked out the LaTeX bundle from the subversion  
> repository, or do you use the one that shipped with TextMate?
> Btw, any reason you haven't started using Skim yet? PDFView is no  
> longer developed.
> Haris
>>> Using the instructions from the manual and from the mailing list,  
>>> I hit the Info-button in my project drawer (without having any  
>>> file selected) and set the
>>>> /Users/flo/Desktop/DiplomArbeit/070627_da_draft01/da_draft01.tex
>>> From now on, whenever I hit "Typeset and Preview" I get the  
>>> following error in my Preview-WIndow:
>>>> Error locating external viewer: ‘/Users/flo/Desktop/DiplomArbeit/ 
>>>> 070627_da_draft01/da_draft01.tex’
>>> I've tried saving my masterfile "da_draft..." as relative and  
>>> absolute path, but both showed the same error.
>>> In my external viewer, PDFView everything is fine and gets  
>>> properly compiled.

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