[TxMt] LaTeX-Bundle Fink-Port cite-Problems

MarkusGMX mmuell25 at gmx.de
Wed Aug 1 22:30:21 UTC 2007

Hi all!
Sorry for asking this - I assume this is a stupid question, but I am  
new to Textmate and not very familiar with the terminal.

So thanks in advance for being patient and helping me:
I have installed Latex via fink. The LaTeX-binaries are stored in /sw/ 
bin/ and I have the latest Version of Textmate and the latest Version  
of MacOSX Tiger.
Compiling latex-documents from Textmate worked out of the box without  
any configuration.

But there are two things, that don't work:
1.) Bibdesk (also latest Version) auto-Completion doesn't work: when  
pressing alt-esc within \cite{u} for example I get the following  
error message:
"The tex binaries cannot be located!" (I don't understand this,  
because latex-compiling works!!) The bibdesk auto-completion works  
fine with Textedit for example.

2.) Same Problem when using the "Citation based on Current Word"- 
command from the LaTeX-Bundle. It doesn't work and I get the same  
error message: "The tex binaries cannot be located!"

According to the manual it looks like, that I must add the /sw/bin to  
the path, but I am not really sure about this, since compiling tex  
files works. Also as mentioned above I am not familiar with the  
terminal and don't know how to do this. (Sorry)

So whats wrong?
Can anybody help me, please?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best wishes

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