[TxMt] command to web and back

Lawrence Curtis thedarkavenger at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 18:37:19 UTC 2007

I'm semi-new to the whole textmate thing and loving the bundles,  
however i seem to have had a cracking idea which could speed up our  
company's development no-end.

What i plan on doing is coding a script in preference this would sit  
somewhere on our server so it could be easily globally updated.  This  
script would ask a few questions and then generate a zip file or a  
new folder in the repository, not sure which yet.  The wish then is  
to take these files and plonk them into a project.  Now im pretty  
sure the way to do this would be to pass back to the script that  
opened the browser window some sort of reference.  Do you guys (and  
girls) know of a way to either a) post something back into a script  
after a window has opened or find out the url of a web window when it  

Many thanks.

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