[TxMt] Re: Completion suddenly not working...

Magnus Lie Hetland magnus at hetland.org
Wed Apr 4 22:34:18 UTC 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 0:31, Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:

> I'm guessing that this is a bug in the Screenwriting bundle (or,  
> perhaps, somewhere else) ... Should I simply uninstall the bundle?  
> Would that even help? Where would the completion function have been  
> (erroneously) overridden (i.e., where can I change it back)?

Sorry for the rubber-ducking here ... but simply unchecking the  
Screenwriting bundle in the filter list took care of the problem  
(i.e., the Screenwriting bundle is hogging the normal completion in  
the name of the time completion function, even when not in  
Screenwriting mode).

Magnus Lie Hetland

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