[TxMt] PHP completion preferences

Rob McBroom textmate at skurfer.com
Mon Apr 2 16:44:14 UTC 2007

On Apr 1, 2007, at 1:56 PM, Ciarán Walsh wrote:

> I was also making the assumption that using a list for ⎋  
> completion would be more efficient than using a shell command,  
> although it could be the case that the difference isn't really  
> noticeable.

Well, it's definitely faster using the list vs. the command, but the  
delay is completely acceptable and it only seems to affect the first  
match. Using ⎋ to go through subsequent matches seems to be instant  
(probably due to some clever caching TextMate is doing). My slowest  
machine is a dual G5 though, so perhaps it should be kept as a list  
to ensure that it works nicely for older hardware.

> However, both the functions.txt and the completions preferences  
> file are automatically generated from PHP source, so there is no  
> issue with maintenance.

Good to know. With that and the above in mind, it sounds like the  
benefits of explicitly listing everything outweigh the costs.

Rob McBroom
I didn't "switch" to Apple... my OS did.

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