[TxMt] Newbie lost: how to change Textmate search path

Richard Blumberg richard at rnet.org
Sun Apr 1 18:34:17 UTC 2007

I am unable to use the File/New from Template/Python/* menu item, or to
create a new  file in an open project, by any of the available means
(application File menu, control-click in project drawer, use gear icon
menu). I gather, from following several different Google searches, that my
problem(s) has/have something to do with the search path that Textmate is
using to look for the template files, but I can find no information
regarding what I have to change or how I have to change it to make the
correct path(s) available to TM.

I know that the Python.tmbundle file lives in "/Library/Application
Support/TextMate/Bundles/", but when I add that directory to my PATH in
~/.bash_profile, that doesn't change anything.

I would be really, really grateful for a simple "do it this way" solution to
my problem.


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