[TxMt] Insert as Snippet: tmCommand versus tmSnippet

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Sun Apr 1 08:00:34 UTC 2007

On 31.03.2007, at 22:44, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> On Mar 31, 2007, at 4:20 PM, Hans-Jörg Bibiko wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there any difference to insert something as snippet by using a  
>> normal tmSnippet and tmCommand which is set to the output 'Insert  
>> as Snippet' and input 'selected text or line'?
> Why do you need the command to receive as input Selected text or  
> line? Just set it to selected text or nothing. Wouldn't that do it?

Oh my goodness. I didn't see the wood for trees. Thank you for the  
Of course, you've right. I thought too complicated.

TM offers you very often a simple solution ;)



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