[TxMt] Remind Bundle

Mark Eli Kalderon m.kalderon at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 20 18:02:47 UTC 2006

Hi Haris.

> Actually I only worked on the grammar, Allan got the thing together  
> and committed it.

Thanks to Allan, too then.


> I agree, but the problem then is finding a key equivalent that  
> doesn't conflict with things in all bundles. For instance  the  
> original shortcut was one of the key equivalents traditionally  
> reserved for language grammar, and in this case the grammar for  
> languages starting from C (e.g. C, CSS etc). The new shortcut is  
> the "web preview" shortcut, which you might argue could perhaps be  
> overloaded, since any language implementing a web preview will be  
> having more specificity. In general though, it is subtle to have an  
> unscoped command. A better approach might simply be to trigger this  
> preview via a program more dedicated to such tasks, like  
> Quicksilver. Then you would have the calendar accessible from  
> anywhere, not just within TextMate.

Point taken.

Allan, the new monthly command is much nicer, thanks.

All the best, Mark
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