[TxMt] Remind Bundle

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at hanover.edu
Wed Sep 20 17:24:59 UTC 2006

Hi Mark,
On Sep 20, 2006, at 12:49 PM, Mark Eli Kalderon wrote:

> I am very happy to see remind being supported. (Thanks, Haris!) I  
> have two comments/observations, though.

Actually I only worked on the grammar, Allan got the thing together  
and committed it. The bundle needs a lot of work at this point, we  
just wanted to get it out there so to speak. Even the grammar I am  
sure will not deal with some not very typical cases, since I don't  
really have many examples of remind files, and use it very little  
myself. So let us know what breaks the syntax, and what commands/ 
snippets could prove useful.

> First, though it is good practice to scope commands, there is a  
> reason to leave the display of your calendar unscoped. As it  
> stands, these receive the scope of source.remind. That means in  
> order to view your calendar, you need to navigate to your remind  
> file(s). If they are unscoped, you can view your calendar on the  
> fly while working on unrelated files.

I agree, but the problem then is finding a key equivalent that  
doesn't conflict with things in all bundles. For instance  the  
original shortcut was one of the key equivalents traditionally  
reserved for language grammar, and in this case the grammar for  
languages starting from C (e.g. C, CSS etc). The new shortcut is the  
"web preview" shortcut, which you might argue could perhaps be  
overloaded, since any language implementing a web preview will be  
having more specificity. In general though, it is subtle to have an  
unscoped command. A better approach might simply be to trigger this  
preview via a program more dedicated to such tasks, like Quicksilver.  
Then you would have the calendar accessible from anywhere, not just  
within TextMate.

Using rem2html is also probably a good idea.

> All the best, Mark


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