[TxMt] GTD Bundle Commands not working

Adam Potthast adamqp at freeminds.net
Tue Sep 19 23:43:32 UTC 2006


Thanks for responding. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest  
bundle just to make sure (through the GetBundle bundle).  I do have  
excluded.gtd in the project, and when I added "excluded.gtd" to  
itself, the Active GTD List view error cleared up.  However, the  
Export to Geektool command still throws up an error even with all  
this.  The error comes up as a tooltip, so I had to enter it by hand:

/tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:42: undefined method `pre_match' for  
nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:38: in `each'
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:38
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:34: in `each'
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:34
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:28: in `each'
	from /tmp/temp_textmate.bQodQm:28

By the way, thanks for the great bundle, which was working for me not  
long ago.  It's very useful to have the output function the way it  
outputs to Geektool. You may want to clear up in your introduction on  
the blog whether the exclusions file is excluded.gtd or exclusions.gtd.


> Two questions:
> Are you using the latest version from the repository?
> Do you have an "excluded.gtd" file in your TM Project?
> If you don't have the "excluded.gtd" file, you can get it at my blog
> Let me know if that doesn't work.
> Mike
>> On 9/19/06, Adam Potthast <adamqp at freeminds.net> wrote:
>> Has anyone else had problems with "Active GTD List View" and "Export
>> to Geektool" in the GTD bundle following the last couple of Textmate
>> updates?
>> When I run Active GTD List view I get the following error:
>> /tmp/temp_textmate.H0K13x:78: undefined method `pre_match' for
>> nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) from /tmp/temp_textmate.H0K13x:74:in
>> `each' from /tmp/temp_textmate.H0K13x:74 from /tmp/
>> temp_textmate.H0K13x:70:in `each' from /tmp/temp_textmate.H0K13x:70
>> from /tmp/temp_textmate.H0K13x:67:in `each' from /tmp/
>> temp_textmate.H0K13x:67
>> Export to Geektool throws up a different error that I can't copy and
>> paste, but it appears to be missing the 'pre_match' method as well.
>> Regular GTD List view still seems to work fine.
>> Thanks,
>> Adam
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