[TxMt] Re: EOL shortcut

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 19 21:21:45 UTC 2006

Dan Lowe wrote:
> On Sep 19, 2006, at 2:11 PM, Michael Reece wrote:
>> shift-cmd-arrow works for me (build 1258)..
> That will only select to EOL if the line is not wrapped. For a wrapped 
> line, it will only select up to the right edge of your window.

There are two sets of bindings at work here: select to beginning/end of 
"line", and select to beginning/end of "paragraph", where "line" == 
visual line, and "paragraph" == physical line in the file, from `\n` to 
`\n`.  If you want to change the behavior, or make your own bindings for 
selecting visual (i.e. softwrapped) lines, then you should read my 
[article][A] about the Cocoa Text System, and the associated page about 
available [selectors][B].  You'll want to copy TextMate's key bindings 
file from inside the application into your library.[^1]


[A]: http://hcs.harvard.edu/~jrus/site/cocoa-text.html
[B]: http://hcs.harvard.edu/~jrus/site/selectors.html

[^1]: you'll want to move your files from 
`/Path/To/TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/KeyBindings.dict` to 
`~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/KeyBindings.dict`, and then make 
your local changes.

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