[TxMt] OCaml Syntax Highlighting

William D. Neumann wneumann at cs.unm.edu
Thu Sep 14 21:03:55 UTC 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Jeremy Cowgar wrote:

> The scopes are:
> source.ocaml,  meta.module.structure.ocaml, meta.object.ocaml (listed twice), 
> meta.type-definition.ocaml, storage.type.user-defined.ocaml

Yeah, it looks like you're not at the current version of the ocaml 
grammar.  If you go to ~/Library/Application 
Support/TextMate/Bundles/OCaml.tmbundle (or wherever 
you keep your bundles) and run svn info, what does it report?  If the Last 
Changed Rev is less than 5204 (most recent for OCaml is 5214) then you'll 
need te run svn up to update it and get the fix.

Note, however, that svn sometimes gets confused, and it thinks it's up to 
date when it really isn't.  This happened to me a week or so ago, when one 
of my revisions had to be rolled back because it thought a really old 
version of the grammar was up to date.  If you run svn up and still have 
this issue, then if might be best to scrap the lot and do a fresh 

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