[TxMt] Re: Regarding the LaTeX bundle

Max Lein realoreocookie at gmx.de
Wed Sep 13 12:48:05 UTC 2006

 > On Sep 12, 2006, at 4:25 AM, Max Lein wrote:

 > > Ok, I'm no expert, but I figure this is what many, many people want
 > > to do. Perhaps you could just list these commands in a separate
 > > file and include that file appropriately?
 > Not with the tools at our disposal, no. But see below for what you
 > can do now.
The approach you have suggested seems to work fine.

However, I think it would be much better if the user has a chance to  
review his deltas to a bundle. (This is not something you can do, I  
guess, but rather the developer of TextMate.)

 > Very well, but use at your own risk. For this, open the Bundle Editor
 > (⌃⌥⌘B) and create a new language. Give it any name you like and
 > put it in any bundle you want. Then, in the big text area on the
 > left, place the following text:
That seems to work fine, thanks a lot!
In this way, my own additions are isolated from your updates to the  
bundle :-)

 > > Well, we do what we are used to in the end ;-)
 > > I use align, because I got used to the way it, ahem, aligns  
 > One of the things I hope to add to the bundle soon is the ability to
 > quickly change between equation styles. I.e. you are in an align
 > environment, and you press a button and it becomes a split
 > environment. And so forth.

 > Well, the closing tag will just close the one above it. You also want
 > to open one. One could probably duplicate and modify the closing tag
 > command, so that it instead adds a \begin{env} too. So it would be a
 > "split environment" command. Might do that actually.
Agreed, nice idea.

 > Sorry,  I should have said: The size of the LaTeX Help file. I'm all
 > for creating other sources of assistance, like howtos and cheatsheets
 > and stuff. The help is supposed to be for reading by someone new to
 > the bundle, possibly even relatively new to LaTeX, who needs to get
 > started getting things set up and learning the basic commands.
Ok, a difference in philosophy. However, then there should be more a  
more extensive version of the help someplace else.

 > > Instead, you could design one section to be read thoroughly and
 > > then let the rest be what it is: a manual.
 > >
 > > > How about a cheatsheet instead? A single page containing all the
 > > > necessary information, in the form of a pdf?
 > > Sounds like a good start. Refer to the appropriate sections in the
 > > Help as well, then people can go on reading.
 > I was thinking of two different kinds of cheatsheets, one pdf that
 > would fit in a page and could be printed, and one html/markdown,
 > longer and with more explanation.
Sounds good to me.

 > I would say let's try to create some more specific "HowTo" questions,
 > and then we'll see about answering them. I'll get started on the
 > cheatsheet for now.
I think I have posted a short, incomplete list earlier, but ok, here  
we go:
(1) Getting Started
(2) Big LaTeX Projects
(3) Managing bibliographies and references
(4) Customizing The LaTeX Bundle


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