[TxMt] Abysmal typing speed problems with LaTeX and spellchecking

Christian Bogen christian.bogen at fastmail.fm
Mon Sep 11 14:58:56 UTC 2006

Am 11.09.2006 um 16:37 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> Only the obvious things like hard wrapping lines to keep down the  
> length etc.

... which isn't "very convenient" to say the least, especially since  
TM doesn't seem to have a build-in hard wrap option (unless I'm  
missing something). Also I find hard wrapping generally uncomfortable  
and undesirable for texts which are (re)edited many times.

> Basically all other text editing applications use NSTextView, which  
> doesn’t run the text through the spell checker as often as  
> TextMate, likely because they knew the performance of said checker  
> couldn’t handle that on older hardware ;)

Sadly right now it looks like I won't be able afford a new Mac for at  
least another year or so ... :(

> I haven’t decided yet if I want to address this issue, as it  
> shouldn’t be a problem on current hardware, and being lazy about  
> when to spell check what is a lot of messy code, and on that note,  
> NSTextView didn’t get it right (last I checked), i.e. it can  
> occasionally end with a word shown as misspelled or spelled  
> correctly, even though it is the opposite.

Well, if you could make this an item on your agenda, I'd be very  
thankful for sure.

I'd rather take the "normal" miss-checks the standard NSTextView  
sometimes produces than the severe speed problem I'm experiencing  
right now! (And, believe me, severe basically means unusable with  
spell checking ...)

Thanks in advance!


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