[TxMt] Abysmal typing speed problems with LaTeX and spellchecking

Christian Bogen christian.bogen at fastmail.fm
Mon Sep 11 10:07:22 UTC 2006


I've been experiencing this for quite a while now but until now had  
no time to dig into the matter: With "Check Spelling as You Type" I'm  
experiencing abysmal typing speed problems when working on LaTeX  
documents. It only happens when I'm working some in already existing  
paragraphs, *not* when typing at the end of the document. I can  
actually see single letters appearing one after another in slow- 
motion. Very annoying! Once I turn off "Check Spelling as You Type"  
everything's back to normal, but it lacks a lot of convenience ... It  
this a known problem? Does anybody else experience these problems, too?

(I'm working on a 12" PB (1st gen., 867 mhz) maxed out with 1.12 GB  
RAM. It's plain text with a bit of markup so the machine *should* be  
up to it ...!)


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