[TxMt] feature request/howto: use different color for known TeX commands

Max Lein realoreocookie at gmx.de
Wed Sep 6 12:40:47 UTC 2006

Since switching to TextMate, I rarely make any syntax mistake, but  
when I do, then it's because I write `\medksip' instead of `\medskip'  
for instance.

All unknown LaTeX commands in regular text are grayish (with a few  
notable exceptions such as \cite, \eqref and \ref for instance). I  
would like to make a list of `known' LaTeX commands (including the  
different skips, \noindent, etc.) and color them differently.

How would I do that?

With a little abuse, I've managed to color them red by adding them to  
the constant.character.latex list, but this is not really a clean  
solution …

Thanks a lot.


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