[TxMt] java ant [run]

Jerzy Gangi jerzy at jhu.edu
Fri Sep 1 16:12:13 UTC 2006

Hi there -

I'm relatively new to TextMate, trying to decide if I will buy it  
(99% sold right now).  Previously on XCode - I'm developing a Java  
application w/swing, using ant to build.

When I do ⌘ (open apple) + B to build my TextMate project, and  
select "1      Ant", the build / Ant window pops up.  The jar  
launches, and runs, but none of my debug println() statements show up  
in the ant window until I: 1) close the jar myself (aka the program  
exits), or 2) I force the jar to quit in the build / Ant window.  So  
after the app quits, the entire Ant output shows up for my targets,  
with my debug println()'s at the bottom.  Is there any way to make  
the Ant display in TextMate "live?"  Or not?  Or am I just missing  
something really basic?

Also, tried to use XCode bundle for the same thing.  This will not  
display anything until the app closes, at which time it displays the  
full build output and my println's.  Which, again, is good... but a  
few minutes after I need them.  Just as a point of reference, XCode  
does display my debugging println()'s as the app is running in it's  
console window.

Help!  I want to use TextMate!

Jerzy G.

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