[TxMt] Installation of textmate

Charley Tiggs lists at tiggs.net
Thu Nov 23 03:22:02 UTC 2006

Michael Barnum wrote:
> New to Mac's,  a little help on the installation of this application PLZ
> Thanks

Download the .dmg file to disk. Locate and double click the .dmg file if 
it doesn't automatically expand for you.  After it expands, you should 
see a window with the TextMate application and two .webloc files as well 
as an alias to the application folder on the right hand side of the 
screen.  The lefthand side of the screen should show all of your 
attached disks, one of which is the TextMate disk image.  Drag the 
TextMate application onto the "Applications" alias.  The TextMate 
application will copy to your hard drive.

Once that is complete, right click (or control-click, if you have only a 
one button mouse) on the disk icon for the TextMate 1.5.4 disk and 
choose to eject it.

Now go to your Applications folder.  The TextMate application should be 
there and ready for your use.  Enjoy!


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