[TxMt] Open TextMate thru smate via mate) was (Open TextMate Here)

Dirk van Oosterbosch, IR labs labs at ixopusada.com
Thu Nov 16 21:21:56 UTC 2006

On 16-nov-2006, at 21:33, Jay Soffian wrote:

> The problem is that whichBin function in the script which (no pun)  
> uses "do shell script". Do shell script just invokes /bin/sh w/o  
> sourcing any of the users environment. You'll see this if you open  
> up script editor and run the following script:
> do shell script "env | sort"

Ah, I see.

> So you've got two options:
> 1) Use .MacOSX/environment.plist to modify the PATH that is part of  
> your login environment. Google on "environment.plist" if you need  
> more information...
> 2) Just edit the script to have a hard-coded path to wherever you  
> chose to install smate.


> However, all of this raises the question: how often do you guys go  
> editing privileged files that you need not only a CLI wrapper  
> around mate, but a droplet to boot? What are you people doing? :-)

Ehm, ... It sounded kinda nice to be able to do that from a  
droplet ... sorry? :-)
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