[TxMt] some XSLT(v2)-Snippets

Andreas Schöller A.Schoeller at web.de
Tue Nov 14 16:57:40 UTC 2006


while playing with the Saxon8-parser from M. Kay [ http:// 
www.saxonica.com ] i found myself typing a lot of <xsl:command  
foo="bar"/> stuff producing lot's of typos and mixing up the syntax.  
To simplify my life and to learn xslt2 i did these snippets. Almost  
any xsl-instruction i found in M.Kay's documents is in the bundle -  
these make up ~70 snippets. Some of them are chained-together, some  
contain links M.Kay's documentation or the related W3C-docs. Some xsl  
which u might find in the official-doc's are not 'visible' in the  
bundle, because theses are only allowed as children inside another  
instruction - that way the snippets might help to prevent errors. Any  
'mandatory'-attribute=must have is in the snippets, characterized by  
a fixed attribute-name and a placeholder for the value. Optional-atts  
or sub-instructions show up as entire placeholders. Defaults are  
always in first place, if a signature is provided with the placeholder.
This is not very much tested, yet. I'll continue to use and improve  
it more and plan to make the xsl:functions also available - maybe  
within a second bundle.
limitations : i left out one or two xsl:instructions which deal with  
schema-processing and are not supported by the basic-version of  
Saxon. Furthermore there is and probably will never be more  
documentation than provided within this email-thread :-)

One question : I'd thought of auto-generation of snippets, as these  
are simple .plist-files, i believe it to be possible to write a  
stylesheet to process the html-Saxon-Doc's in order to retrieve the  
info from the function-library, including all signatures. I've seen  
that the plist-files contain a string-element like this :
which looks like a 'unique'-(cocoa)-identifier. I have no idea what  
to put into this and which consequences this might have ? any ideas  
are truly welcome ;-)

have phun, andreas

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