[TxMt] Re: InputManager on german OSX & PropertyList Bundle

Daniel Käsmayr 321r7db02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Mar 27 10:32:42 UTC 2006

Dear Allan,

I compiled the InputManager from svn and installed it similar to what  
I found here on this list's archive (i.e. put both the .bundle and  
Info into  ~/Library/InputManagers/Edit in TextMate --- this works!  
Great, now I can write my emails in TextMate (which is sooooo much  
better than Mail.app) using Markdown etc.

Also the problem with the PropertyList bundle was odd. I deleted the  
bundle from Disk and re-imported it from the svsn and now it is  
available (again?).

And as a side note and feature request: Would it not be really great  
if TextMate would take over in ALL Cocoa Apps? ;) Not just as an  
InputManager, but as default editing view ;) Ahh, just dreaming again.


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