[TxMt] Some theme related requests

Daniel Käsmayr daniel at kaesmayr.net
Sun Jun 11 10:35:03 UTC 2006


would it be possible to have

A) project / language / bundle dependent  theme settings? Not all  
themes work as beautifully with all languages (and I know you are  
advising that themes only implement the most rudimentary things ;))

B) themes that only complement a basic theme (just like with css,  
where you can override the standard behaviour with extra css  
definitions inside the html). So, e.g. I want to use one of Thomas's  
universal themes, but would like to add some snippets, some coloring  
to my custom language grammars.
i.e. just some simple way to combine themes without going the plist- 
editor route. Just add a preference of some sort of theme layering.  
(similar to the system's language settings. chose the preferred  
theme, but take items from a second or third theme if they have  
scopes defined.)

C) and as a sidenote to B) an option for bundle developers to inject  
certain stylings into a theme.

D) Maybe the ability to add emty lines before or after a scope? (I  
know, I am getting way beyond simple here, and no rich text editing  
is necessary). I am just thinking of certain block level elements  
that would be nice to separate not only in col,or/background, but  
also distance.

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