[TxMt] GTD Upgraded

Daniel Käsmayr daniel at kaesmayr.net
Fri Jun 9 16:14:06 UTC 2006


I like the fact that you are now working from your own scope  
"text.plain.gtd", so the tab triggers no longer kill my other stuff ;)

The major point I am not happy with your version is that it does not  
use contexts; what we have now is a rather pimped TODO-List  
generator. Very useful, but not "gtd" yet… don't get me wrong, I am  
bay far no gtd apostle nor do i try to kill any good idea.

As I have mentioned before, I am trying to see if "My fiendish master  
plan" is useful. And what this one does is it takes an input text  
file, reads each line to see if it starts with ^context and then  
moves that todo item to a separate text file for that context.

So what I would like to see in that gtd.bundle is:

a) a means to work with contexts
b) some way to keep project files, but also extract next actions from  
those projects
c) an easy way for getting stuff IN the system
d) maybe some assistance for the weekly review

Since I am not really up-to-date with my programming skills (I would  
like to pick up ruby and ruby on rails… any good pointers for  
reading?) I have no solution yet, but I am willing to help out.

It is, in a way, just a question to see whether I will try to roll my  
own or if you are interested in moving the bundle from todo-lists to  
a nextaction-and-project-based approach?

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