[TxMt] adding to or modifying the symbol list for LaTeX?

Matthias Damm textmate at macpla.net
Thu Jan 26 23:53:01 UTC 2006

Am 26.01.2006 um 23:34 schrieb Charilaos Skiadas:

> Well, since we've got at least two people, and provided it does not  
> break regular LaTeX syntax, if you and Matthias can create a list  
> of the new commands that should be recognized (I'm assuming it does  
> more things than just the sectioning stuff?), then I'll be happy to  
> incorporate it into the current syntax. If along the way you also  
> create a test file, so that I can add it to the already existing  
> test file, that would be great.

I can do that, but please don't expect anything before next week or  
so, I am quite busy at the moment ...


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