[TxMt] feature request: non-applescript external editor protocol

m-junk at still-crazy.org m-junk at still-crazy.org
Thu Jan 26 18:54:05 UTC 2006

i've written a few scripts to make editing of remote files easier.   
then i noticed that TM supports the "external editor  
protocol" (http://www.merzwaren.com/external_editor.html), which  
sounds like it would make some of my hacks quite a bit cleaner, but  
only if i was able to deal with applescript events.  i haven't been  
able to find tools to make a ruby script (or any other scripting  
language) able to receive applescript events (yes, i know how to send  
them, although that's still ugly), which means (as far as i can tell)  
that i'd need to start mucking with obj-C...

but then it occurred to me that it ought to be easy for TM to support  
a more scripter-friendly version of the same protocol, e.g.
   mate --notify <path> <file>

would associate the script at <path> with the opened file, so that TM  
would make event callbacks, e.g.

   <path> saved <file>
   <path> closed <file>
   <path> reopen <file>

given that you've already got the events-based version of the  
protocol implemented, it sounds like this should be pretty  
straightforward, and it sure would make my life easier...

(a more general request: please don't make useful TM functionality  
only available through applescript.  there are a lot of scripting  
languages for OS X, and for all but one of them applescript events  
are a PITA.  anything that can be done by sending applescript events  
should also be accessible via mate!  thanks.)

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