[TxMt] Question to LaTeX bundle users

Oliver Hagmann lists at interdisco.net
Thu Jan 26 09:15:16 UTC 2006

> I am currently working on the various completion commands in the  
> latex bundle, and I am considering dropping bibdesk support in the  
> completion commands in the following way: Instead of asking bibdesk  
> for the completion list, I have a command read that does the  
> following:
> 	 It collects a list of bib files from the following locations:
> 1. the files pointed to by the environment (or project specific)  
> variable TM_LATEX_BIB, space separated (use quotes if the filename  
> contains spaces).

So what do I write into the value field of the TM_LATEX_BIB variable?  
Do I need to write in the path or only the file name?

> 2. If either the file pointed to by the variable TM_LATEX_MASTER,  
> or the current document (if saved), or both, contain any text of  
> the form \bibliography{bibfile}, it adds this bibfile to the list  
> of bib files to examine.
> 	It scans all these bib files for the cite keys, and uses those for  
> completion. It will look for titles for the pop-up menu. So there  
> will be (actually there already are) two commands, one that works  
> with Esc (normal completion) and one that brings up a pop-up of  
> possible completions.

Will this also work, if I use "footcite" for citing? And what would  
the shortcut be for this way of completion? The same as before (Cmd- 

> The main question is whether calling Bibdesk has any advantages  
> compared to the approach I outlined above, and whether the approach  
> above misses something. Your feedback would be much appreciated.

I'm no expert for Bibdesk at all, so I can't give any valuable  
opinion. All in all, this sounds very promising to me (no need for  
Bibdesk to be opened, faster, etc.).

Thanks for your work on the LaTeX bundle!!

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