[TxMt] adding to or modifying the symbol list for LaTeX?

Matthias Damm textmate at macpla.net
Thu Jan 26 06:53:34 UTC 2006

Am 26.01.2006 um 02:03 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> On 26/1/2006, at 1:35, Matthias Damm wrote:
>>> [...]
>> I am not sure if you can really compare beamer and koma here.  
>> Beamer has some syntax which is quite different from standard  
>> LaTeX. But koma is just a variant of LaTeX, it replaces the  
>> standard article, book etc. classes by scrartcl, scrbook etc. and  
>> gives you some more options. I don't think that koma support will  
>> hurt any standard LaTeX user.
> Then we can probably add support for that in the standard LaTeX  
> grammar, similar to how the C grammar markup miscellaneous Mac  
> specific types (which are not in the C language/library per se).
> Curious, what are the advantages of using koma? And do you have a  
> link with more info?


It should be installed on every standard system.

Koma is a very extensive addition to standard LaTeX which makes a lot  
of things much easier. It is fully backwards-compatible to the  
standard classes but offers a lot of additions like the additional  
commands for creating headings without numbering. Basically it does  
nothing that is not possible with the standard classes but makes a  
lot of things easier. (A lot of things could be mentioned, like a  
specialized letter class etc. pp.)
It is very popular among European users since it is much better  
adapted to the A4 (instead of letter) paper formats.
And it has a very good documentation. Try texdoc scrguien.pdf, that  
should open the english manual.


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