[TxMt] C syntax fixes

Oscar Bonilla ob at bitmover.com
Wed Jan 25 22:52:51 UTC 2006

On Jan 25, 2006, at 2:29 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 20/1/2006, at 0:18, Oscar Bonilla wrote:
>> Please disregard my previous email... I think I've fixed it.  
>> Here's a patch:
>> This patch fixes the following:
>> - "#else" directives are now tagged with the proper scope
> I couldn't see anything in your patch affecting this, and it does  
> not seem to be broken!?!

That's because I based the patch on an old version of the file... duh!

>> - "#define" for things that are not functions do not get tagged as  
>> functions
> I applied this.


>> - Functions defined in multiple lines are tagged as functions.
> I wasn't comfortable with this patch -- your patch actually  
> contained 7 changes to the C.plist, I think 4 of them reverting  
> something to a prior version. As for the function markup, it seemed  
> to also remove a large part of the syntax which ensure a storage  
> type in front of the function name. Maybe intentional because you  
> only have the function name on the line? But it would conflict with  
> custom macros like “foreach(something)”.

No. The problem occurred with an older version of the C syntax file  
that didn't seem to handle declarations such as:

TclCompileExprWords(interp, tokenPtr, numWords, envPtr)
     Tcl_Interp *interp;		/* Used for error and status reporting. */
     Tcl_Token *tokenPtr;	/* Points to first in an array of word tokens
				 * tokens for the expression to compile
				 * inline. */
     int numWords;		/* Number of word tokens starting at tokenPtr.
				 * Must be at least 1. Each word token
				 * contains one or more subtokens. */
     CompileEnv *envPtr;		/* Holds the resulting instructions. */

It seems the new C.plist handles them. I just didn't have the latest  

> Btw: Mail lose the leading space on lines when followed by a tab  
> (because of how it uses WebKit and tries to workaround the WebKit  
> whitespace stripping rules, but is not fully successful), so  
> patches for files which use leading tabs gets mangled by Mail when  
> pasted into the mail body, i.e. better to gzip them or similar (as  
> long as Mail has this problem).

Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind.



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