[TxMt] C syntax fixes

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Jan 25 22:29:37 UTC 2006

On 20/1/2006, at 0:18, Oscar Bonilla wrote:

> Please disregard my previous email... I think I've fixed it. Here's  
> a patch:
> This patch fixes the following:
> - "#else" directives are now tagged with the proper scope

I couldn't see anything in your patch affecting this, and it does not  
seem to be broken!?!

> - "#define" for things that are not functions do not get tagged as  
> functions

I applied this.

> - Functions defined in multiple lines are tagged as functions.

I wasn't comfortable with this patch -- your patch actually contained  
7 changes to the C.plist, I think 4 of them reverting something to a  
prior version. As for the function markup, it seemed to also remove a  
large part of the syntax which ensure a storage type in front of the  
function name. Maybe intentional because you only have the function  
name on the line? But it would conflict with custom macros like  

Btw: Mail lose the leading space on lines when followed by a tab  
(because of how it uses WebKit and tries to workaround the WebKit  
whitespace stripping rules, but is not fully successful), so patches  
for files which use leading tabs gets mangled by Mail when pasted  
into the mail body, i.e. better to gzip them or similar (as long as  
Mail has this problem).

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