[TxMt] cocoApell really slows down TextMate

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Tue Jan 24 03:30:47 UTC 2006

I have been using TM (1.5 (906)) off and on for a couple of days now  
and I noticed this evening that typing had become glacially slow. I  
ran the Activity Monitor and noticed that as I type, cocoAspell  
(2.0.2) was using about 70% of the processor on a 1.5 GHz PowerBook  
G4. I turned off "Check Spelling As You Type" and the problem went  
away. I haven't noticed this problem in any other app for which I am  
checking spelling as I type. Is this a known issue and/or is there  
some way for me to fix it? This is under Mac OS X 10.4.4.

Thank you,

-- Gary
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