[TxMt] New Bundle

Domenico Carbotta domenico.carbotta at fastwebnet.it
Mon Jan 23 21:33:35 UTC 2006

Il giorno 23/gen/06, alle ore 21:46, Oliver Taylor ha scritto:

> I'm creating a bundle for screenwriting and I need help finishing  
> it. I need your Kung-Fu.

it goes like this: we don't know jack about the specific domain, but  
it looks like you're pretty into it and got nice ideas and enough  
skills to understand what's going on behind TM scenes :)

if you want us (the Almighty Community) to help you, keep in mind  
that we've got no specific knowledge in your field. I read you would  
like to provide nicely formatted output: show us a sample and tell us  
where you got lost, someone will be able to help you ^_^

speaking of what, I suggest you to go the HTML way -- by using  
different stylesheets, you can provide both printed and on-screen  
output from a single file. not everyone (expecially in your field)  
has a latex setup on his machine, and requesting a ~50 MB download  
you're restricting the audience way too much.



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