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Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Mon Jan 23 21:30:07 UTC 2006

On Jan 23, 2006, at 2:46 PM, Oliver Taylor wrote:

> I'm creating a bundle for screenwriting and I need help finishing  
> it. I need your Kung-Fu.
> I sent out the word once before and nothing happened, so I made a  
> crappy screencast and now we'll if if anything comes of it.
The screencast is very nice!
The main problem for me is that I don't know the first thing about  
what things a screenwriting bundle should be doing. If you ask very  
particular questions about how certain tasks could be accomplished,  
I'm sure you'll find that lots of people will be able to help you.  
But most of us are just not familiar with screenwriting software, and  
screenplay formats in general. I actually looked at your bundle the  
last time you posted, but couldn't really understand what most  
commands are for, since I've never in my life seen a screenplay.  
Seeing the screencast makes some things click.
So please, set some particular goals for commands/conversion tools,  
and you have a good chance of getting people to help out. For  
instance, what would you want the conversion tool to do? Give us some  
examples of how the result should look.
You've done a great work so far, and it would be nice to see this  
bundle pushed even further.
> Info here: http://ollieman.net/?p=80
> screencast here: http://ollieman.net/files/screencast.mov


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