[TxMt] bundle not remembering things?

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Sun Jan 22 22:41:30 UTC 2006

On Jan 22, 2006, at 3:39 PM, Mikael Säker wrote:

> I am experiencing similar problems. When do bundle-data get saved?

When asking such questions, please state what version of TM you are  
running, and whether you have done a subversion checkout for the  
bundles, and where do those reside. I don't really have an answer to  
your questions, except that most bundle stuff is saved as it takes  
place, and closing the bundle editor probably definitely saves it.


1) you don't get to control the order of the snippets and templates,  
I think.
2) The two disappearing templates are worry-some. Can you recreate  
them, tell us  how you created them etc? We need reproducible test  
cases of the problems in order to fix them (well, in order for Allan  
to fix them, this is probably a TM issue, not a bundles issue).
3) The "Filter list..." problem is an interesting one. Just  
wondering, do you get any messages in the console? Open console.app  
and look at console.log, see if there are any messages from TextMate.
4) Are you running your computer as administrator?


	can you be more specific/give examples that we could perhaps reproduce?


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