[TxMt] Jump to last edit, and multiple views

Peter Vohmann pvohmann at mac.com
Wed Jan 18 14:11:50 UTC 2006

Hi Allan,

Quite a while ago there was the question how to search a document for  
information, then come back to the spot and continue editing.

You mentioned the technique to scroll around, read what you need,  
then press Command-J (Jump to Selection). Too bad that Find or Copy/ 
Paste move the selection.

How about a command "Jump to Last Edit" and bind it to Cmd-Shift-J?  
Is this possible to have as a macro, or as a TextEdit extension?

One could design it with a few parameters

  - How many edit positions to memorize? 5 sounds good to me.
    (to cycle through them, recent to older)

  - How far apart edit positions should be to be different?
    10 lines, less than half a screen, sounds good to me here.
    So if change happens "near" another edit position, the position
    moves to the cursor spot.

  - Jump across files? I don't think so.

Edit positions should be part of the Undo queue.

I'm not trying to interfere with future expansions or better ideas  
like stacks of tags, except that simplest often works best.

BTW I'm an raving fan of two windows of the same file side-by-side,  
because I copy a lot (and I forget a lot). For Projects this is easy  
achieved, has just a few refresh hickups when I edit a point above,  
then switch to the other window. I see twice the amount of stuff, so  
split windows wound't cut it.

For single file edits, like in a Fugu session, it is utterly  
impossible to open a second window. Then I resort to throwing chunks  
in a scratch pad, and jumping around in the same file. Hence the  
topic. ;-)


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