[TxMt] Reformat paragraph and the LaTeX mode

Marco Kuhlmann mk at mcqm.net
Tue Jan 10 23:18:51 UTC 2006

Am 10.01.2006 um 18:12 schrieb Eric Hsu:

> I don't understand what that means, but I'm not a LaTeX geek. Does  
> that mean that you want a command to remove all line breaks and  
> insert breaks before logical separators, like \item and \section,  
> etc.?   How far away is LaTeX Tidy, assuming it could work on a  
> selection?

LaTeX tidy does exactly the opposite thing to what I want: it  
collates several lines into one.  While this is a good thing in a Mac  
world (where a paragraph is text between two newlines), it is a  
little unfortunate in the LaTeX context (where a paragraph is text  
between two empty lines).

As an example, the error messages that the LaTeX compiler gives refer  
to line numbers.  Now according to the standard Mac view of things,  
one line can be a whole, page-long text.  Then it is time for a round  
of Spot the Error on your part.

So what I want is to break a Mac paragraph into several lines,  
becoming a LaTeX paragraph.

The problem is that the reformatting should stop at certain  
boundaries, such as \begin and \end or list \items.  AucTeX does this  
for you, and my question was whether I can replicate this with  
Textmate.  It seems now that I cannot.


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