[TxMt] Bug in ruby bundle

Frederik De Bleser frederik at pandora.be
Mon Jan 9 15:00:41 UTC 2006

>> The last line triggers the bug, which messes up all the code in  
>> the file I already wrote. The results looks downright scary when  
>> the bug shows up, so I personally think this must be fixed.
> You'll have to explain how you typed the aforementioned code,  
> because when I type it in, the bug is not triggered.

Actually, the example can be much, much easier. Just open a new  
document and type the following:


The moment the two pound sign groups are right next to each other, it  
triggers the bug, as long as those are the final characters in the  

>> And I personally like the fact that TextMate automatically writes  
>> {} when I type # in strings.
> So it didn't bother you in the above example where to write the #<  
> part you had to delete the { as well as the consequent } that  
> sticks around?

That's more the exception than the rule, so I deleted it there. Most  
of the time, the auto-completion does the right thing.


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