[TxMt] Slow bundle commands

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Mon Jan 9 09:16:02 UTC 2006

As a new user of TextMate, the only thing that has disappointed me is  
the incredible slowness of many bundle commands. For instance, if I  
hit ^⇧D to duplicate the current selection, TextMate beachballs  
(hangs) for about 15 seconds. This is quite surprising because my  
machine is fast enough (1.33GHz G4 with 1.2GB RAM) and my files are  
small (< 200 lines).

If I run top while TextMate is beachballing, I notice that bash is  
consuming all available CPU cycles. Could there be something wrong  
with my bash configuration? (I realize that TextMate is probably just  
running some UNIX commands on top of bash to do the bundle command,  
but still... 15 seconds of 100% CPU activity just to duplicate a  
selected line? That can't be right.) Does everyone suffer through  
this, or only me?


P.S. I searched the list archives for this problem, but all I could  
find were slowness issues related to remote file systems. All the  
files I'm working with in TextMate are local.

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