[TxMt] Full project path display

John Johnson johnatl at mac.com
Mon Jan 9 03:59:24 UTC 2006

On 06-Jan-2006, at 22:14, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 6/1/2006, at 18:43, John Johnson wrote:
>> I've searched diligently but can't find out, is there a way to 
>> display all or part of the Project's Path on the main window? [...]
> With “on the main window” are you referring to the title bar or 
> similar?

Yes, exactly.

> You can save the project with a name, which will then be displayed 
> after the current files name (in the titlebar) -- using the folder 
> from which you created the project is only the default.

Yes, I have named my project. The pcb-gcode.tmproj file goes into the 
Subversion repository. When I check out a branch to fix a bug, I cd 
into that directory, then 'open pcb-gcode.tmproj' and start editing 
away. At times I loose track of if I'm in .../trunk or .../RB-3.2, etc.
Someone mentioned the Cmd-Click on the title bar which will give me the 
path. That will help greatly!

Thanks for the reply.


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