[TxMt] Auto-close markup

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 03:00:03 UTC 2006

I see what you are saying now: my answer was incorrect (when will i  
learn :-), and complete tag is anomalously  )

So, my guess is this is an inconsistency introduced by Allen in  
responding to people thinking "this is no good for html, i can't even  
close tags. So he is trying to expose some more "built-in" and  
obvious functionality.

But it is not rational, I agree. I guess the logical thing to do  
would be to break out all the functionality pertaining to the current  
scope (i.e, add the "gear" menu on the bottom of the automation menu)

That way the things you probably want (pertinent to your context)  
will be in the menu, and other stuff as accessible as ever. Trouble  
is that this would make the menu clumsy and highly visually confusing  
(changing often).

Still, i agree that sticking close-tag on the end is not consistent:  
especially when "cmd-shift-<" and other common items are not there:  
makes you think you have seen all that is on offer.

Ahh well.

> On Jan 8, 2006, at 6:15 PM, Timothy Bates wrote:
>> Answer: All the automation components of a bundle are displayed in  
>> the Automation menu.
>> More precisely, the commands, macros, and snippets associated with  
>> a bundle provide automation features, and are displayed under the  
>> automation menu, ordered by those three major groupings, and then  
>> accessible by bundle name within those groupings.
> I'm not seeing this in my installation of TextMate 1.5. I only see  
> a single item ("Insert Closing Tag") under the Automation menu.  
> Other macros, such as Generic Completion in the LaTeX bundle,  
> aren't there, even though they're definitely available because I  
> see them in the Bundle Editor.
>> They are also available from the gear widget in the tool bar at  
>> the bottom of the window, which will preselect the current  
>> language (bundle) and display all automation features together.
> Yes, I see the various macros and snippets for bundles in the gear  
> menu, but the Insert Closing Tag macro (or whatever it is) doesn't  
> seem to be there. So I don't understand why Insert Closing Tag is  
> some special thing that belongs in the Automation menu by itself,  
> and not in any bundle.
> Trevor
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