[TxMt] Bug in ruby bundle

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Sun Jan 8 23:46:20 UTC 2006

This is a problem with the Ruby Macro that triggers on }. It's  
intended to skip past any } at the current position, the purpose  
being because of the snippet that inserts #{} when you type # in a  
string. This way you can type } to go past the end, just like if you  
were using smart typing. Unfortunately I can't figure out a good way  
to fix the macro to not screw up so badly when triggered the way you  
are doing it.

My suggest would be to remove both the } macro and the # snippet (the  
# snippet constantly annoys me because I type #{ and end up with # 
{{}} ), but at least one other person wants to keep the # snippet, so  
I'm not sure what the proper response is.

On Jan 8, 2006, at 1:09 PM, Frederik De Bleser wrote:

> I found a bug while going through Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.
> Whenever you type the following string of characters in Ruby mode:
> "#<#{}#{
> if you follow up with a '}' (just the right bracket), you end up with
> }"}#}<}#}{}}#}{
> If you do it in a piece of text, it garbles up your entire file,  
> adding a right bracket after every single character, making your  
> file look like this:
> }#} }T}h}e} }g}u}t}s} }o}f} }l}i}f}e} }f}o}r}c}e} }w}i}t}h}i}n} }D} 
> w}e}m}t}h}y}'}s} }A}r}r}a}y}
> }c}l}a}s}s} }C}r}e}a}t}u}r}e}
> } } }
> } } }#} }G}e}t} }a} }m}e}t}a}c}l}a}s}s} }f}o}r} }t}h}i}s} }c}l}a}s}s}
> } } }d}e}f} }s}e}l}f}.}m}e}t}a}c}l}a}s}s};} }c}l}a}s}s} }<}<} }s}e} 
> l}f};} }s}e}l}f};} }e}n}d};} }e}n}d}
> This bug appears both in r847 and the latest r906.

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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