[TxMt] Bug in ruby bundle

Frederik De Bleser frederik at pandora.be
Sun Jan 8 21:09:40 UTC 2006


I found a bug while going through Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.

Whenever you type the following string of characters in Ruby mode:


if you follow up with a '}' (just the right bracket), you end up with


If you do it in a piece of text, it garbles up your entire file,  
adding a right bracket after every single character, making your file  
look like this:

}#} }T}h}e} }g}u}t}s} }o}f} }l}i}f}e} }f}o}r}c}e} }w}i}t}h}i}n} }D}w} 
e}m}t}h}y}'}s} }A}r}r}a}y}
}c}l}a}s}s} }C}r}e}a}t}u}r}e}
} } }
} } }#} }G}e}t} }a} }m}e}t}a}c}l}a}s}s} }f}o}r} }t}h}i}s} }c}l}a}s}s}
} } }d}e}f} }s}e}l}f}.}m}e}t}a}c}l}a}s}s};} }c}l}a}s}s} }<}<} }s}e}l} 
f};} }s}e}l}f};} }e}n}d};} }e}n}d}

This bug appears both in r847 and the latest r906.



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