[TxMt] bin or local, and Strict html 4 template only?

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Fri Jan 6 02:43:28 UTC 2006

On 6/1/2006, at 0:55, Timothy Bates wrote:

> the button in textmate's terminal usage dialog tries to make an  
> alias to the mate command in usr/bin [...] For me this operation  
> failed (not permitted).

I'll make the command rm -f «dst» first.

> Question: I have an existing copy of the link in "~/local" ...  
> Didn't textmate used to expect ~/local rather than ~/bin ? What are  
> we going to settle on?

Where people want to keep it seems to depend on personal choice --  
TextMate gives you the choice of all the bin locations in your PATH.

> PS: could you make this command also add whatever folder it looks  
> for to the .bash_profile and also create ~/bin if it doesn't exist?

Automated edit of .bash_profile is certainly not trivial, so I would  
rather not edit that, and the user might be using ~/.bash_login,  
~/.profile, tcsh/zsh instead of bash, or similar. That's why I only  
present folders which are already in the path.

The install wizard is supposed to make it “just work” for the user  
which are not too familiar about all these things -- if I install it  
to an arbitrary location (i.e. not in the PATH), it won't “just  
work”, and the measures I have to take to make it “just work” are far  
to complex with the chance that I may break the shell setup.

> Lots of us probably don't write code which is strict v4, so that  
> might be asking for trouble? maybe transitional as an option?

You should be able to just duplicate the strict template and edit the  
document type.

I tried to check a few online pages to see what people used, but most  
was not stating their document type -- apple.com though used  

I'm curious as to which presentation attributes you would need,  
seeing how most pages today seems to rely heavily on a “pixel  
perfect” presentation, that CSS provides.

Though it's no biggie to add a transitional template to the default  
bundle… but we do want to promote good coding practices :)

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