[TxMt] search and replace within selection ?

Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Thu Jan 5 02:07:16 UTC 2006

 From the first entry in the Release Notes:

[NEW] The find dialog now has a toggle button to change the text  
fields into multi-line text fields. In this mode, arrow down will  
move the caret. The pop-up menu can still be reached using ctrl-N. To  
insert a literal tab or return, you still need to use option tab and  
option return. The Replace All Scope has been removed and instead you  
need to hold down shift (or option) when clicking the Replace All  
button (the label will change) -- this is consistent with how ctrl- 
cmd F is Replace All and ctrl-shift-cmd F is Replace All in  
Selection. I have removed some use of bindings from the window, in an  
attempt of avoiding the crash that some experience when advancing the  
key focus in that window, should there still be a problem, please  
report the crash (using the Crash Reporter with the Smart Crash  
Reports (from Unsanity) installed is enough).

On Jan 4, 2006, at 7:53 PM, Michael Bayer wrote:

> Hi there -
> Ive been a textmate user for many months now.  I notice the most  
> recent download (rev 898) has dramatically changed the "find"  
> dialog, most importantly in that it has removed the option to  
> search and replace within a selection !
> I noticed that the "edit" menu has a selection "replace all in  
> selection".  There are two problems with this.  One is, it doesnt  
> work !  I click on it when i have some text selected, and nothing  
> happens.  If it is in fact using my previous selection, thats not  
> very convenient since I dont get a chance to tell it what i want to  
> search and replace.  Also, the key comibination - shift+ctrl+apple 
> +F ... a little excessive perhaps ?
> Why cant the "replace in selection" checkbox be present in the  
> default "find" dialog like it was, and more importantly, why cant  
> this checkbox be automatically selected when I have text  
> selected ?   this is how TextPad does it and it is by far the most  
> intutive way to do it.
> - mike
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